Terms and Conditions


1.I will reply to messages left by potential clients without delay, even if it’s to say I am not available for tuition.

2.I will ensure that I conduct myself in a professional manner, at all times, whilst providing tuition to a client.

3.I certify that I do not have a criminal record and that all my registration details are accurate.

4.I will ensure an adult third-party is present for the entire duration of the tuition period, when tutoring a minor.

5.I will not hold HomeTutors.org.uk liable for any loss of income, or damage incurred, while providing tuition.


1.I will ensure tutors are given an adequate desk-space and quiet area, and that the tutee is appropriately resourced for each lesson.

2.I will ensure tutors are paid without delay, as per my prior agreement with the tutor.

3.I will not hold HomeTutors.org.uk responsible for the quality of tuition provided by the tutor(s), nor require HomeTutors.org.uk to verify the accuracy of tutor personal details.